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Serving the Bay Area with elite fascial treatment and chiropractic care for advanced pain management and performance

Marathon Runners

Welcome to AXIOS

-Injury Management

-Youth Athlete Injury Management

-Exercise Rehabilitation

-Sports Specific Fascia Training

-Fascial Distortion Model Treatment

-Fascial Release Cupping

-Instrument Assisted Fascia Release

-Sports Specific Fascial Assessment

Dr. Jason Frederick, DC

  • Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Fascial Distortion Model

  • PICP Coach

  • Upper Extremity Adjusting

  • Lower Extremity Adjusting

  • IASTM 

  • Fascial Release Cupping

  • Functional Movement Taping

Dr Jason Frederick specializes in functional assessment and treatment of athletes. His ability to assess and address fascial structures in the body utilizing numerous treatment modalities has allowed him to get significant results with his patients in record time. Dr Frederick has extensive experience working with athletes of all levels, from youth gymnasts to NFL quarterbacks.

Dr Frederick started his career in health and wellness as a trainer and strength coach 15 years prior to graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and transitioning into sports chiropractic. His experience programming and managing movement for high level athletes has translated into a comprehensive understanding of how to treat athletes in a way that addresses true underlying dysfunction, allowing for performance at the highest level. Dr Frederick was born and raised in Colorado and enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, bouldering, archery, and jiu jitsu.

Sports Specific Fascial Assessment and Treatment Protocols

Golf Shot


Image by Chino Rocha



Youth Athletics

jeremiah testimonial pic.jpg

Jeremiah Sipes

I am a RECON Marine, bodybuilder, and I do executive protection as well. I am constantly running my body into the ground. Every chance I get I fly out to Denver specifically to be treated by Dr Jason. He is great.

john elway testimonial pic.jpg

John Elway

I had surgery on my right knee a year ago and I've really been struggling with it... I'm feeling 95% better and I'm excited about continuing the training. So far it's been tremendous.  


Whitney Johns

I’ve been having issues with my lower back and hip for so long that would flare up and cause horrible pain and massage wouldn’t help, chiropractic wouldn’t help.I had tried everything… I saw Dr. Jason twice a week for 2-3 weeks and have been traveling, training hard, doing hectic shoots and I thought for sure it would flare back up but it hasn’t…If you are dealing with any issues I highly recommend going to see Dr. Jason. 


Scott Coors

Dr. Frederick has an in depth understanding of how to address and resolve pain through fascial release which has been a game changer for my chronic ankle pain caused by an injury 6 months ago. My pain was reduced at least 70% on my very first visit and continued to improve by at least 50% with each subsequent treatment.

Is bad posture causing your pain?

Functional balance exercise

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